Helena Jackson

Theatre, Musical and Opera Director

As Director

If this is normal

by Lucy Danser

Chatback Theatre

ZOO Playground 3rd August - 26th August 2019

***** The Fountain

**** The Scotsman

**** WeeReview

La Traviata

in a new English version by Becca Marriott and Helena Jackson with libretto by Becca Marriott

King’s Head Productions

King’s Head Theatre 27th Sep 2018 - 27th Oct 2018

***** Miro - through Helena Jackson‘s artistic and directing choices, La Traviata is nothing but an heartbreaking triumph

***** LondonPubTheatres - fresh and exquisitely painful

**** Evening Standard - compelling chamber drama

Finalist for Best Opera at the 2019 Off-West End Awards

Lost In Thought

by Lucy Danser

Chatback Theatre

Soho Theatre 21st July 2018; Underbelly Cowgate 3rd -26th August 2018; Theatre 503 ‘Best of the Fest’ November 2018

**** The Scotsman - The skill of this two-hander is the interplay between Felicity (Kerry Fitzgerald) and Marie (Liza Keast)

**** The Wee Review - Perceptive, witty exploration of obsessive compulsive disorder and mother-daughter love

Nine Foot Nine

by Alex Wood

Sleepless Theatre Company

Royal Court showing 3rd March 2018; shortlisted for the LET Award 2018 with a showing at the Pleasance Theatre in June 2018; Winner of the Bunker Breaking out scheme with eight performances at the Bunker Theatre from the 4th June - 12th July 2018; Assembly Front Room 3rd - 25th August 2018

***** The List - a blast of intelligent and challenging energy (…) The clear structure and taut direction only emphasise the philosophical integrity of the show's bold subversive premise

**** Miro - Sleepless Theatre Company are committed to promoting access in as many forms as possible (…) it casts blind in terms of ethnic background & disability, and as such promotes a harmony found in mother Cara (Alexandra James), who communicates both through speech and sign language. (…) Jackson is the coherent force behind such complementary concepts (…) keep(s) multiple facets precisely in balance and makes it seem effortless.

**** The Wee Review - Funny, tender, touching and vaguely unsettling, all at the same time (…) Helena Jackson brings a much needed light touch to the production

*** The Guardian - Cara and Nate communicate using a mix of British Sign Language and spoken English (…) says a lot about the power dynamics between men and women.

Jess Hung nominated for Best Lighting Design at the 2018 Off-West End Awards

Nicola Chang nominated for Best Sound Design at the 2018 Off-West End Awards

Come Inside

by Sophie Swithinbank

Get Lucky Productions, educational tour

Bush Theatre as part of the Fertility Festival June 2018; winner of the Greenwich and Lewisham Young People’s Theatre Bursary 2018, touring around South London schools

Baby Box

By Laura McGrady

Sleepless Theatre Company

King’s Head Theatre, 3rd - 8th May - currently in further development

**** Spy In The Stalls - Sleepless Theatre Company have triumphed in bringing to light subjects which some may consider taboo and have created a touching piece of theatre

**** Miro - Cullum is given a gift of a part in McGrady’s creation, further reinforced by Helena Jackson’s clear and concise direction. (…) Jackson successfully allows the actors to play their truth; she paints scenes with a variety of tones and intentions, all of which are delivered with purpose and poignancy.

**** Playhouse Pickings - hugely powerful and conversation provoking, particularly (I think) for the men in the audience

**** LondonPubTheatres - Director Helena Jackson has created an intimacy that draws you into the life of these women.

**** LoveLondonLoveCulture - hilarious, touching and will make you appreciate the highs and lows of womanhood

**** Breaking The Fourth Wall - While uterine conditions continue to be talked about (if at all) in hushed tones, Baby Box goes some way to bringing these ailments unashamedly to the light of day and a paeon to sisterhood in its own right

University Women in the Arts showcase

feat. work by Eleanor Colville, Alexander Wood and others

Royal Court, 3rd March 2018

Masha and the firebird

by Madeleine Perham

Sleepless Theatre Company - currently in development for further R&D and performance

R&D week with Theatre Delicatessen London in September 2017 culminating in two work-in-progress showings at the Old Library and the Bathway Theatre

Dead Equal

libretto by Lila Palmer, composition by Rose Hall

Helios Collective in association with the ENO, November 2016

Lilian Bayliss Studio, English National Opera, workshop showing to industry and audience

Carmen in the Pub

libretto by Indyana Schneider and Helena Jackson, arrangement by Addy Stoiber

Sleepless Theatre Company - currently in development after a week’s experimental run around pubs in 2016

The Master and Margarita

by Alexander Hartley

St John’s Gardens in Oxford June 2016, ZOO Venues at St Cuthbert’s Church, Edinburgh Fringe August 2016

***** ThreeWeeks - This immersive, site-specific adaptation of the Russian novel was mind-blowing (…)This production is one of those Fringe gems you’ll remember for years.

**** FringeGuru - This production has done everything the hard way – and succeeded (…) by the end I was converted from doubting that the cast would be able to do such an iconic story justice, to feeling that I had witnessed one of the most interesting productions in this year’s Fringe. A must for those who like their theatre at its most adventurous…

**** BroadwayBaby - Sleepless Theatre have been ambitious in their scope but they have delivered

Around the World in 80 Days

by Mark Brown

St Johns’s Gardens around July 2015, Buxton Fringe Underground Venues 2015, C South Edinburgh Fringe 2015

***** StageTalk - The creativity of the staging was astonishing … perfectly choreographed

***** Edinburgh Festivals Magazine - a truly beautiful, brilliantly bizarre and wonderfully witty production

**** Broadway Baby - exciting, fun, funny, and sweet

**** FringeGuru - fun-loving, adventurous, self-mocking and intelligent – a student production, in all the right ways.  It's also slick, energetic, and impeccably performed.  All in all, it's an antidote to cynicism, and a reminder of what's best about the Fringe

Winner - Best Production at the Buxton Fringe

Noises off

by Michael Frayn

***** The Oxford Culture Review - it is very clear from the near-perfect execution of the precise choreography that the performers have augmented their considerable physical talents with a devotion to detail in rehearsals. (…) It is vital for any production of Noises Off that each repetition display a different quality in terms of pacing, energy, and physicality, and here director Helena Jackson shapes the play well (…) The laughs ring true – rather than hollow – because nobody attempts to take shortcuts. That’s why they’re funny. They’ve earned it.

**** Oxford Times - huge credit to the nine-person acting team under director Helena Jackson

As Assistant/Associate Director

Orpheus in the Underworld

by Jacques Offenbach

Director: Hinrich Horstkotte

Theater Moenchengladbach, April 2019 - TBC

Hansel und Gretel

by Engelbert Humperdink

Director: Hinrich Horstkotte

Theater Krefeld, October 2018 - January 2019

Let’s Stop Brexit

by Ulrich Proschka

Director: Ulrich Proschka

Theater Moenchengladbach, December 2018 - February 2019


by Skot Wilson

Director: Rebecca Hill

Park Theatre, November 2017 R&D


by Becca Marriott

Director: Adam Speadbury-Mayer

King’s Head Theatre, October 2017 for a four-week run

Winner of Best Opera at the 2018 Off-West End Awards

The Magic Flute

composed by Amadeus Mozart, adapted by John Savournin and David Eaton

Director: John Savournin

King’s Head Theatre, May 2017 for a four-week run

The Sound Of Fear

by Ralph Thomas

Director: Jonathan Moore

RADA Studios, April 2017 R&D

National Opera Studio @ the Scottish Opera

various scenes

Director: Max Hoehn

Theatre Royal Glasgow, March 2017 for two peformances

Madam Butterfly

composed by Giacomo Puccini, libretto by Amanda Holden

Director: Paul Higgins

King’s Head Theatre, February 2017 for a four week run


by John Savournin and David Eaton

Director: John Savournin

King’s Head Theatre, December 2016 for a five week run